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ASME Horizontal Air Receiver Storage Tank with No Top Plate

Standard Horizontal Air Receiver Tanks with Extended Platform

Horizontal air receiver tanks with an extended platform will be built in accordance with the requirements of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.
Capacity (gal)PSIGDiameter (in)Length (in)Weight (lbs)Part#PriceExtended Top Plate
302001638132AH-30-16-200LPE$92212" X 40"
602002048246AH-60-20-200LPE$1,22616" X 50"
802002063322AH-80-20-200LPE$1,52016" X 66"
1202002467437AH-120-24-200LPE$1,82216" X 74"
2002003072684AH-200-30-200LPE$2,82618" X 86"
2402003084837AH-240-30-200LPE$3,19818" X 96"
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