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ASME Horizontal Air Receiver Storage Tank with Platform

Standard Horizontal Air Receiver Tanks with Platform

Horizontal air receiver tanks with a platform will be built in accordance with the requirements of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.
Capacity (gal)PSIGDiameter (in)Length (in)Weight (lbs)Part#PricePart NoTop Plate
12200122743AH-12-12-200FP$596A100249" X 15"
20200143363AH-20-14-200FP$594A1002610" X 19"
302001638147AH-30-16-200FP$944A1003916" X 38"
30200163899AH-30-16-200LP$660A1002812" X 24"
602002048196AH-60-20-200LP$924A1003014" X 30"
802002063248AH-80-20-200LP$1,192A1003212" X 34"
1202002467383AH-120-24-200LP$1,546A1013916" X 44"
2002003072570AH-200-30-200LP$2,372A1003618" X 44"
2402003084622AH-240-30-200LP$2,570A1003818" X 48"
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